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SGE BIOTECH Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful environment of suzhou industrial park biological nano science and technology city. The company is established and operated by members with rich experience in technology research and development, market development and financial management.

SGE BIOTECH is a company aiming at the bottleneck of early technology research and development and the pain point of market demand in the biomedical industry, and is committed to technological innovation and product iterative development, so as to provide high-quality and competitive scientific research and experimental products and services for industry customers. At present, we have established a high-throughput mouse monoclonal antibody screening platform and a nano-antibody screening platform, which has achieved a quantitative and qualitative leap in screening throughput, and provided a characteristic technology platform for customers to obtain excellent alternative antibodies in a short time.

In addition, in response to the demand for high-quality cytokines in stem cell culture and organoid culture, SGE BIOTECH broke through technical limitations and developed factor preparations with high biological activity and high stability to meet the needs of related cell culture. Based on technological innovation and talent introduction, it has successively won the honorary titles of "Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Technology Leading Talent Enterprise", "Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprise", "Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", and "Suzhou University Graduate Practice Base.

At present, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with a number of drug research and development enterprises, research institutes, large general hospitals and institutions of higher learning to jointly promote and assist the in-depth development of related projects of cooperative units.

Our values: thinking is endless, and things are perfect.