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Steady Transfer Cell Construction Technology Service

Business Introduction

Conventional overexpression cell line construction needs to rely on the method of lentiviral transfection, which needs to package the virus and use the virus to insert the gene into the genome of the target cell. Virus packaging is more demanding for personnel, and skilled technology is required to obtain higher titer viruses. At the same time, the exogenous gene that the virus can carry is generally below 4kb, the size of the gene is limited, and the overall experiment cycle is relatively long. We have developed a non-virus-dependent stable cell construction technology, which can realize the stable integration of large fragments (20kb) and multiple genes (3-5 genes) on the cell genome, and obtain stable cells within 30 days, which can be used for customers Provide cost-effective overexpression cell construction services, no charge if unsuccessful.

Technical Process

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plasmid construction

The overexpressed target gene was cloned into the self-optimized plasmid vector of SGE BIOTECH and sequenced for verification.

1-2 weeks

cell transfection

The plasmid is transfected into the target cell, and the transfection method can be selected according to the cell type, chemical transformation or electrotransfer.

1-2 weeks

cell screening

Antibiotics corresponding to resistance were added to the cell culture medium, and the positive clones were screened by pressurized culture.

2-3 weeks

Detection and identification

Identification of target gene expression, cell cryopreservation and preservation of species.

1-2 weeks

Service Process

Our Advantage

✦ No packaging virus, direct transfection of plasmids, fast and time-saving
✦ Can insert multiple genes or 10kb fragments at one time
✦ Perfect screening and detection system

Case: In this project, TET-ON regulatory elements, repressor proteins, inducible promoters, resistance genes, target genes and reporter GFP genes were jointly constructed on the same plasmid vector, and tumor cells were transfected and screened with puromycin. Stable cells with inducible expression.

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