Technology Platform

Stable Cell Line Rapid Construction Platform

1. Technical platform introduction
We have developed a non-virus-dependent stable cell construction technology, which can realize the stable integration of large fragments (20kb) and multiple genes (3-5 genes) in the cell genome, and obtain stable cell construction in 30 days, providing customers with cost-effective stable cell construction services without charge.

2. Business Features
1. No need to package the virus, reduce the experimental cost and shorten the experimental cycle;
2. Plasmid transfection efficiency is high, whether it is primary cells or conventional cell lines, can effectively construct stable cell lines.
3. Genomic insertion and integration of multiple genes or fragments larger than 10kb can be achieved at one time.


➢ Case Sharing 1-Construction of Large Fragment Multi-Gene Co-Expression Strain
1. Plasmid construction
The main expression frame of the plasmid is as follows, including two reading frames, two functional genes A and B, two reporter genes GFP and BFP, and one resistance gene. The plasmid size was 15.8kb.



2. Cell screening and identification
After 7 days of antibiotic screening, stable cell lines were obtained. After identification, the two sets of reading frames were correctly expressed, and both BFP and GFP proteins could be expressed.



➢ Case Sharing 2-Construction of Complex Transmembrane Protein overexpression Strain
1. The plasmid was constructed as follows

2. Cell screening and identification
After the screening of antibiotics, the membrane protein-specific antibody and GFP fluorescence dual-channel detection, the cell lines obtained by screening were successfully and stably expressed membrane proteins.