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Recombinant Protein Expression Technology Service

Business Introduction

SGE BIOTECH is committed to providing customers with high-purity, low-cost active recombinant proteins, including various receptors, cytokines, growth factors, transcription factors, hormones, enzymes, toxic proteins, viral antigens, etc., to meet the needs of customers' downstream scientific research experiments need. SGE BIOTECH provides one-stop services from gene synthesis, vector construction to protein expression and purification. According to customer needs, different expression/purification tags, expression hosts, etc. can be selected to truly achieve in-depth personal customization for customers.

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Gene Synthesis and Codon Optimization

Customer provides sequence information or plasmid of the target protein

1-2 weeks

vector construction

Cloning into self-optimized high-efficiency expression vector

1 week

protein expression and purification

  1. Eukaryotic expression: Transient transfection of HEK293 cells and complete purification

  2. Prokaryotic expression: construction of Escherichia coli strains, induced expression and purification

2 weeks

Quality Inspection

QC analysis (SDS-PAGE, UV, etc.)

1 week

Technical Process

Service Process

Our Advantage

➢ Rich experience in protein expression and preparation, significantly improving the success rate of protein expression, no charge for unsuccessful;
➢ Provide one-stop service from vector construction, protein expression purification and detection;
➢ Perfect experimental facilities and equipment, sound management The system guarantees the smooth progress of the project.

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