Technology Platform

Light Guide Single B Antibody Screening Platform

With the continuous development of life science and medicine, antibodies, as an important biomolecular tool, play a key role in disease treatment, bioanalysis and drug development. As a leading innovative technology, the light-guided single B cell antibody screening technology can provide researchers with a fast and accurate antibody screening solution and become a new solution in the field of antibody discovery.

1. Technology Overview
Photoconductive single B cell antibody screening technology is a method based on high-throughput single cell screening. Combined with microfluidic nano-scale micro-reaction chip, photoelectric positioning technology and computer system software control, it realizes the integration of sorting, analysis, culture and export of single B cells, can accurately and nondestructively operate thousands of single cells at the same time, and can quickly and accurately screen antibodies with high affinity and high specificity. Compared with the traditional antibody screening method, the light guide single B cell antibody screening technology has the following significant advantages:
High throughput: thousands of individual B cells can be screened simultaneously, greatly improving screening efficiency.
High sensitivity: able to detect low frequency of rare B cell clones and screen for high affinity antibodies.
High specificity: By screening individual B cells, clonal promiscuity and non-specific reactions are avoided, providing highly specific antibodies.
Fast time: The ability to complete antibody screening in a short time (1 week) accelerates the research process and drug development cycle.


2. Technical process
SGE BIOTECH combines mature antigen preparation technology, self-developed powerful immune adjuvant and effective immune strategy, on the light guide single B antibody screening equipment, can realize On-chip multiple detection, including antigen protein binding, cell binding, multiple Attribute combination, competition, etc., lock the target application clone in advance.



3. Service advantages
Customized services: We provide flexible technical service solutions, customized design according to the customer's research needs and project characteristics, to ensure a greater extent to meet customer requirements.
High-quality antibody delivery: Through the optical single B cell antibody screening technology, we can provide high-affinity and high-specificity antibodies to provide strong support for customers' research and development work.
Fast delivery: We have advanced experimental equipment and experienced scientific research team, which can complete the customer's sample screening in a short time and provide detailed experimental reports.
Confidentiality and Compliance: We attach great importance to the confidentiality of our clients' research data and intellectual property.