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Nanobody Screening Technology Service

Business Introduction

Camelids produce a unique type of antibody: the heavy chain antibody (HcAb) lacking the light chain. The variable region fragment derived from this antibody is usually called Nanobody. Nanobodies have the characteristics of small molecular weight, high solubility, and good stability. Nanobodies are the variable region part of the heavy chain antibody VHH (the heavy chain variable region of the camel heavy chain antibody, named VHH), with a molecular weight of only 12-15kDa, and its stability is significantly better than that of human antibodies. Nanobodies also contain 3 CDRs, of which CDR3 plays a major role in affinity. Compared with human antibody VH, the CDR3 of nanobodies is longer and can form a convex ring structure, which can penetrate deep into the antigen and better bind hidden epitopes. In addition, the hydrophobic residues of FR2 of the nanobody are replaced by hydrophilic residues, which have better water solubility and are less likely to form aggregates.
SGE BIOTECH has established an effective phage display nanobody screening system. By immunizing alpacas or camels, nanobodies that bind to target proteins can be specifically screened.

Technical Process

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animal immunity

Select healthy alpacas or camels that have not been immunized, complete 4-5 immunizations of mice, and detect serum titers.

8-10 weeks

phage library construction

Peripheral blood PBMC were isolated, RNA was extracted and nanobody fragments were amplified. The phage library was constructed by the method of enzyme cut connection and electric transfer library.

1-2 weeks

antibody screening

Liquid phase or solid phase screening can be selected to screen nanobodies that bind to antigens.

2-3 weeks

antibody expression and identification

The nano-antibody expression supernatant was obtained by rapid expression method to verify whether the antibody binds to the antigen.

1-2 weeks

Service Process

Our Advantage

➢ Mature immunization strategies and breeding facilities
➢ Animals are not reused
➢ Rich experience in phage library construction and antibody screening
➢ Single delivery of 20+ nanobody sequences
➢ High-throughput nanobody rapid expression platform, single expression 50- 100 strains of nanobodies
➢ Diversified nanobody evaluation system, including ELISA, flow cytometry, affinity detection and cell activity detection, etc.

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