Mouse Immune Adjuvant

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  • Product Description

    Product Features
    Simple operationWater-soluble adjuvant, do not need emulsification, intraperitoneal direct injection
    high immune intensity: produces higher titers of serum antibodies than traditional Freund's adjuvant
    Short immune cycle: 3 weeks faster to complete animal immunization
    Breaking immune tolerance: Can successfully immunize human mice with high homology antigen
    Saving Antigen Dosage: protein antigen can be immunized with 10ug less in a single time


    Product Specifications
    500ul/branch, 6/box, can meet the immune dose of 10 animals.

    Dose used
    Each animal required 100ul of adjuvant per immunization.

    Save condition
    2~8 ℃, stored for 12 months,Do not freeze preservation!

    1. The Potent Adjuvant-B component in the adjuvant is dissolved in the present state for each immunization;
    2.AB mixture can be stored at 4 ℃ for 1 month if it is not used up in a single immunization and used in the next immunization;
    3. The antigen/adjuvant mixture cannot be stored for a long time, and is now used.
    4. Adjuvant-related reagents are stored at 2~8 ℃, please do not freeze for storage;
    5. The adjuvant is for scientific research use only.


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